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Private Tour

Enjoy a cold glass of wine and snacks while seeing some of Copenhagens most iconic landmarks and hidden gems.  Lean back and experience Copenhagen like they did in the 1960's.

Our private experience takes you through the beautiful inner part of the harbor, where many of the historical sites and buildings are located on the waterfront and along the beautiful canals.

We will start the tour by passing by the Royal Palace, the Little Mermaid and the Opera House.

Thereafter, we will enter through the historic canals of the old city where you get to see numerous historical buildings, many of them constructed by King Christian the 4th in the early 17th century. While cruising through the historic canals we will tell the dramatic history of the city.  

The experience will continue by showing you some of the new iconic buildings such as the Royal Library known as the "The Black Diamond". 

Afterwards, we will take you through some new urban neighborhoods so you can see how the city is developing. 

The trip will end by cruising around Holmen, the old military area, where we will pass by the much debated free town Christiania, which homes its own "hippie" community and other generally "free spirited" souls. 

During the experience we will take our time to stop for pictures.

Includes a complementary drink and snacks.

Book a private tour for up to 8 guests.

Time duration - 2 hours.  

Price -  4500  kr.

Add additionel 1 hour - 1650 kr. 

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